Placer Mosquito’s Intern Program

Within the Placer Mosquito Learning Lab umbrella, the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District offers paid summer internships and can work with your educational institution to meet college credit requirements. Our District’s internship program strives to inspire, develop, and recruit young talent to the scientific, public health and vector control fields. Internship opportunities at the District provide on-the-job experience in field operations, research, lab activities, public outreach and social media. Each internship works closely with a District staff member and requires the completion of a final project or report.

Depending on the internship opportunity, daily/weekly stipends or hourly rates may be used for compensation. Each internship has different working hours and may be in office, in the field, remote or a hybrid work schedule. Internship opportunities are open to students ages 18 and over.

Internships Offered

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Alexa T., Whitney High School/Sierra College, Former Social Media Intern

My time at Placer Mosquito has taught me foundational workplace skills, such as communication, leadership, collaboration and professionalism, that I will carry with me throughout my career. This internship has brought me one step closer to my career goals through the valuable public relations and social media tools I have learned. I was able to be creative, work independently, observe a professional workplace, and immerse myself into a local government organization’s operations.

Alexa T.
Whitney High School/Sierra College

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Esmeralda M., UC Berkeley, Former Applied Research Intern

My time at Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District enabled me to acquire new strengths that will follow me throughout my career. This position enabled me to apply my techniques in data analysis and use them in a real-world setting. This opportunity gave me an excellent learning experience where I found a new interest in entomology. With the help and support of everyone at Placer Mosquito, I was given the opportunity to enroll my summer project for the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California’s Reeves New Investigator competition where I presented my paper and research findings to colleagues and other control districts.

Esmeralda M.
UC Berkeley

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Vanessa H., UC Santa Barbara, Former Vector Control Assistant Field Operations Intern

During my internship at Placer Mosquito, through a hands-on, in the field research project, I was able to learn valuable tools to help me in my career path of science and technology! Being granted the opportunity to work at Placer Mosquito, jump-started my career by exposing me to how to conduct scientific research. The mentorship at Placer Mosquito provided helped me in publishing and presenting my internship research at the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California conference in 2021 which has been one of my greatest achievements. 

Vanessa H.
UC Santa Barbara

Former Interns and Projects

During my internship at Placer Mosquito, I had the incredible opportunity to assist with an epidemiologic project under the helpful guidance of an experienced supervisor. I was able to sharpen my skills in data analysis, writing, and communication as well as learn more about the field of epidemiology. This experience has been instrumental in finding success in my own job search after my internship and I highly recommend this opportunity to others!

– Shrey S., Applied Research Intern, UC Berkeley

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